This is the page where you find the Ableton Project File for the Youtube video. This particular project uses commercial VSTs and free samples. You have an option of downloading the project with frozen tracks. The download size is much bigger (1GB) but you do not need the commercial VSTs to play back the track. Hope this helps in your music production.

The frozen version will also be easier to run on slow PCs.

Check out the other free Ableton Live Projects:

Or logic pro:

Requirements for How to Make Trance 4:

  • Ableton Live Suite 10
  • Commercial / Free VSTs (listed below) OR download the FROZEN version.
  • Drum Samples are included in the project download.

Commercial / Free VSTs used in this project:


I hope you enjoy this template, and have fun! 🙂

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Ableton Project File Download:

Download Project File