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Back In Shape

Explosive and modern club track with modern synthesizers, nice bass, synth leads and a tight beat. Perfect for clubbing features, dance montages, and much more. Cheerful and upbeat moods. Download FREE Now (Credit

Zero Point

A dark and mysterious techno track with dirty and distorted unstable synthesizer lines. Giving the track a cyberpunk spacey vibe. Download FREE Now (Credit

Unstable Elements (Psychedelic Techno)

Retro electronic techno track with dirty and distorted synthesizer lines. Giving it a psychedelic mood. Simple bass and beat. Suitable for dirt, grit or content that needs a serious emotion. Science fiction, ancient robots or technology related content should also be a good fit for this piece. Track is mainly monotone but with some melodic pieces sprinkled in. Download FREE Now (Credit

Stellar Engine (Space House)

Space house track with tasteful use of Synthwave and Trance elements. Analog distorted synthesizers driving the main theme with laid-back drums and percussion. Industrial mood useful for technology, or corporate contents. Download FREE Now (Credit

Sky Machine

A fun and uplifting melodic Trance piece with some interesting variations. Featuring arpeggiated synths and tasteful analog pads. Download FREE Now (Credit

Dyson Swarm (Melodic House)

Quirky and unpredictable / progressive house piece. Organic evolving melodies playing along with groovy EDM beats. Download FREE Now (Credit

Deep Structures (Melodic House)

Chill and clean melodic / progressive house piece. Pleasing evolving melodies playing along with groovy EDM beats. Tasteful bright synths and airy pads, tight claps and percussion. Should work nicely for fashion, nightlife, lifestyle, youth and similar. Download FREE Now (Credit

Incoming Transmission (Techno / Psychedelic)

Heavy and slow / laidback Techno piece with distorted synths, driving basslines and cool drums. Sound elements from pshychedelic trance and industrial electronic elements blending with techno/synthwave vibes. Perfect for technology, fashion or dramatic content in TV shows. Download FREE Now (Credit

Test Subject - (80s synth, SciFi)

Synthwave retro-futuristic happy chill track with 80’s, 90’s sounding synths. Laidback atmosphere with analog synths gives it the 80s vibe. Powerful tasty kick and bass with light percussion. Ideal for soundtracks, retro commercials, titles, openers, gaming etc. Download FREE Now (Credit