Royalty Free Music for Creators

High-quality royalty free music for your YouTube videos, socials, games and other projects. Use the music for free in exchange of credit. Or buy an license to use music without having to credit. A license will also give you a high quality WAV file.

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Containment Field (Synthwave / Trance)

Dark retro style electronic track. Unstable/analog synthesizer lines, giving it a glitchy and raw feel. Clean and simple beat with interesting percussion twists. Suitable for gaming, technology related content.

Healing Gaia (Synthwave / EDM)

Synthwave inspired track with dirty / growly and distorted synthesizer lines. Simple bass and beat giving the track some air. Glitchy randomized plucked synth sounds. Suitable for dirt, grit or content that needs a serious emotion. Science fiction, dystopic or technology related content should also be a good fit for this piece.

Inner Core | Relaxing Meditation Music (10 minutes)

Eternal Focus | Deep Relaxing Music for Stress Relief, Getting to Sleep, Mindfulness

Relaxing sleep music with rain ambiance and light generative sounds in the background.

Relaxing Rain Nature Sounds Music | Stress Relief, Meditation (Generative Audio)

Relaxing sleep music with rain ambiance and light generative sounds in the background.

Ethereal Wonders | Deep Sleep, Inner Peace

Soft and relaxing music perfect for stress relief or getting to sleep. Atmospheric and gentle sounds, also perfect in a spa setting or where you want a sense of peace or deep relaxation.

Forgotten Cyberpunk Astronaut

Cyberpunk music vibes with powerful analog synthesizer sounds. Tasteful simplistic grooves. Suitable for metaverse and dystopian, vr related content.

Midnight Builder (Synthwave / EDM)

Retro synth wave -esque track with dirty and distorted synthesizer lines. Giving it a raw electronic mood. Simple bass and beat. Could be suitable for technology background music or for vlogs, corporate presentations etc.

Innovative Science Discovery (Corporate Technology)

Innovative Science Discovery is an inspirational piece very suited for technology and industrial type of content. Science interface, modern factory production, medical and similar should work well with this modern minimal electronic track.