Why does this site exist?

The main reason this site exists is to put my portfolio of music online, the way I want to do it. While at the same time make it available for you fine people that want to use in your projects

You will find royalty free electronic music and dance background music that could be used in different projects. That is more or less an “catch-all” genre tho, so the almighty google perhaps serve up this page when you search for things like that. The reality tho… is a little bit different. Electronic music is extremely popular and you can hear it in all kinds of media today. While most of the music here are in the electronic genre I am working with different styles like synthwave, techno, psychedelic etc.. Some of the music could be perfect for corporate presentations giving it a modern and fresh feel. At least your presentation wouldnt be so boring. Fast paced action, extreme sports, workout and clubbing content could be suitable as well, perhaps more suited for that. Or if you just need something to play along a video, game-stream etc you are covered. Feel free to browse around and listen.

If you just want to listen to the music I make and support me that way you are certainly welcome to do so. I would apprechiate a follow on Spotify.

This site looks a bit … dated

Yes, I know. With a full time day-job I have to prioritize my time. I want to prioritize it to the music side of things. Thats why this site currently is somewhat basic in looks. But you should be able to get the music tracks at least. And it is very light on the server, and I dont have to keep it up to date as much as its just a static site built with jekyll. Very light on server resources and cheap to keep running.

I have plans for making a better looking site in the future, however that is not currently on the todo-list.

Why should I use your music?

First of all you are dealing directly with me and not a big business that churn out 10 000 tracks a month. There are no “we” here. If you have any issues, you go to me. Plain and simple. My take on music production is quality before quantity. I usually take my time composing and try not to force anything. I belive using this mindset creates better quality products in the end.

  • All tracks are complete and entire recordings, if not stated otherwise.
  • Everything is delivered in lossless (WAV / AIF) format and MP3 / AAC. (With purchasing license, not the free version)
  • Tasteful mixing / mastering without extreme audio compression and clipping.
  • Direct downloads.
  • Easy to understand licensing terms.

Who runs this site?

So you read through my sales pitch above? If you got all the way down here I can tell you a little about myself.

My name is Bjornar and I run things over here. Apart from music production I am interested in coding for the web. When I am fed up with production I try to make this site better and leaner experience for you while learning something new!

Photography is also a huge hobby of mine. See more full res images on 500px

I currently work in the IT field as an senior consultant. I have worked as an certified Apple Technician (ACMT), repaired copiers & MFPs, Customer Support, IT consultant work to name a few.