YouTube MP3 Background Music

Here is a selection of MP3 tracks you can use for free as background music in your YouTube videos. To use the tracks for free with monetization active you need to respect the license terms and place a link back to this site from your YouTube channel.

You can use buttons below, to check other categories for tracks that could work well as background music for YouTube videos.

Read the License Agreement BEFORE you use anything from here. Music FAQ is also a good read.

Uplifting melodic trance track with huge dreamy synth sounds and melodies. Backed with a tight and high energy sounding beat.

Only MP3 and license with crediting available.

First contact is a melody only electronic piece. Featuring atmospheric pads and bright arpeggiated melodies with an emotional and epic mood. There are no drums in this track so it is perfectly suited for timelapse – media or similar type of content.

Business dance is a positive and uplifting electronic audio track. Clear and crispy synth leads with a simple and happy melody playing along. Can be used for timelapse, product promo, advertisement or as background music on a multitude of media.

Only MP3 and license with crediting available.

Only MP3 and license with crediting available.

Only MP3 and license with crediting available.

Piano driven trance track starting off with a four to the floor beat and transitions into a new melody and shuffle rhythm in the middle of the track.

8-Bit Wannabe is a track with a mood inspired from the days when game consoles used 8-bit music. The track is not using true 8-bit sounds though, the name is just describing the mood of the track. It contains sharp and crisp synths with that 8-bit feel to it.

A single melody is the main part of this track. Calm with trance elements, and a laidback beat.

Atmospheric and dreamy electronic track with piano driven melodies.

Galaxies is a dreamy electronic track with trance elements and a simple beat. The Simple synths, strings and bassline gives it a modern feel. Suitable for B-roll footage, instructional videos, build logs, timelapses etc.

Positive and exhilarant trance with great melodies and a modern feel. Well-suited for technology, design or young lifestyle!

Laidback dreamy trance with simple catchy melodies. Well-suited for technology, design or young lifestyle!

Strong, hopeful melodies give this dream trance a sense of optimism and purpose, accompanied by sweeping pads and impelling yet understated grooves. Atmospheric piece that works great as a film score.

Dynamic and catchy trance with a prominent synthesizer sound, a rousing bassline, cool effects and a modern beat. Great for commercials, new product promos, fitness and workout videos, TV and film.

Uplifting and melodic electronic track with a rolling bassline and happy melody. Suitable for happy occasions, but the track can also convey some small serious undertones in certain parts.

Calm (for an electronic track that is) with simple melodies and a laid-back unobtrusive beat. Featuring pads, bright synths in a dreamy atmosphere.

Happy airy plucked melodies with searing background pads. Trancy arpeggiated synths backed up with a tight bassline and beat. Suitable for futurism, sci-fi and modern lifestyle.

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