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YouTube Copyright Notices

If BjoKib get signed to a label, what happens with my videos?

I won’t sign a record deal without checking that the record label whitelists your channel and allows the use of music you have downloaded from in perpetuity.

That said, I am not convinced a record label is the way to go for me. I would much rather be in full control and administer all aspects of this business myself. As I am currently doing.

Screwing people over, would have a huge negative impact on my person and brand.

YouTube Copyright Claims

YouTube use algorithms that scans audio of the video you upload to check if you are using copyrighted material.

BjoKib´s tracks are not registered in YouTube content ID so you should NOT get a copyright notice using the music here.

If you get a copyright claim, its a «false positive» meaning the algorithm is wrong or someone have stolen my music and registered it somewhere.

If you get a claim, don’t panic, do not remove your video, or replace the music. YouTube wont ban or penalize your channel. The copyright claim will be dropped (usually after a few hours) and you wont loose any money if the video is monetized.

When YouTube asks for a reason, check: “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material” In the comments put a link to the page where you downloaded the track. If you have bought a license attach your license certificate.

This is usually enough, the claim will be removed and you won’t be bothered again. This will also train the algorithm to make better decisions later on.

My videos receive millions of views, you can earn plenty of money claiming my video.

Maybe, but I also earn recognition which lead to more patrons, donations and sales. I am not into this to earn a quick buck. I am in this for the long run and I have no interest of doing shady practices. I know trust is difficult in todays climate, but I don’t know any other way of putting it.

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