Download my serum presets for free here. Please note that I am no sound designer. I only put them up here if someone really wants to use them. With that said, Serum is the synth I am going to use for learning sound design. It is a really nice piece of software Steve Duda has made here. It sounds fantastic and the interface is easy and very “visual” to use. Seeing how things move when you adjust knobs, assign LFOs and such makes it SO much easier to learn.

Download the Serum Presets here.

The pack contains the following presets. I will update this pack, and this page when I have made new ones.

Some patches are saved with 4x quality activated, make sure to turn it down to 2x or even 1x (draft) if your CPU have problems dealing with it. Xfer Serum is a CPU heavy synth (but worth it in my opinion). The quality setting is found if you click the Global button on top of the interface.

Patch List

  • LD BjoKib SAW 1
  • PL BjoKib SAW 1
  • PL Tech BjoKib
  • BA BjoKib 1
  • PD BjoKib Drone

Download: Serum Patches

Throw them into this folder:

(Windows): \Serum Presets\Presets\User

(Mac): /Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Presets/

Can I use these in my own commercial track?


Do I have to give you credit?


Are these presets from a professional producer?


However, I certainly appreciate a link back to my site from your social media, website, etc, that actually helps a ton!