Royalty Free Music for Creators

High-quality royalty free music for your YouTube videos, socials, games and other projects. Use the free to use music in exchange of credit. Or buy an license to use music without having to credit. A license will also give you a high quality WAV file.

Music Categories How This Works

Chasing Dreams (Emotional Trance EDM)

Emotional trance piece with uplifting dreamy inspirational melodies. Works well as a background track for visual projects, vlogs, youtube or other types of media.

Northern Energy (Crunchy Techno, Bass / Action)

Punchy and crunchy bass heavy electronic music with modern inspiring melodies. Use it to celebrate success or with technology content.

Psychedelic People (Psytrance / Action)

Psychedelic and industrial sounding electronic piece. Heavy use of effects, growling synthesizer sounds and samples. Works well with action, sports or heavy technology media projects. Melody gives a sense of seriousness or achievement.

Pleasure Planet (Happy Melodic Electronic)

Pleasant and happy sounding electronic track. Bright and simple fresh melodies with an atmospheric background. Works well with summer fun, action, happy gatherings and many more.

Trance of 1999 (Old Trance Danceclub Vibes)

Trance of 1999 is a simple electronic dance track with simple trance inspired melodies. Features pads, strings, arpeggiated synth melodies, percussion and simple laidback unobtrusive edm drums. Use it as a background track for technology media projects, youtube, fashion or corporate use and business projects.

2001 Dance Party (Trance Danceclub Memories)

2001 Dance Party is a energetic dance track with hand-in-the-air bright dance/trance melodies. Features pads, synth melodies, percussion and simple laidback unobtrusive edm drums. Useful for modern lifestyle or clubbing, dance events.

Lonely Traveller (Serious Technology Corporate)

Serious sounding technology corporate electronic background track. Bright arpeggiated synth melodies coupled with a nice drum and bass edm beat. Track is experimental and powerful, but should work well for timelapse videos, action videos, documentaries and other business related projects.

Sleepless Dance (Exciting Synth Clubbing)

An energetic and pumping dance club track with synthesizers, arpeggiated hand-in-the air buildups with warm pads and tight driving bass kick drum. Useful for modern lifestyle or clubbing, dance events where you want to keep the party going into the night.

Soaring High (Elegant EDM Background)

Electronic dance track with a laidback feel. Useful for technology or corporate / business content.