Royalty Free Music for Creators

High-quality royalty free music for your YouTube videos, socials, games and other projects. Use the music for free in exchange of credit. Or buy an license to use music without having to credit. A license will also give you a high quality WAV file.

Music Categories How This Works

Supercharged Technology - (EDM Club Banger)

Supercharged Technology is perfect for content with a high energy mood. Great for advertisement or high speed motion.

Cinematic Electronic Ambient - (Chill / Relaxed Electronic)

Light cinematic electronic ambient music piece. With creamy and dreamy synths. Perfect for any media project that needs some soft and nice electronic ambient background music for videos, vlogs and inspirational content.

The Perfect Vacation (Stylish EDM Pop)

Light and modern catchy pop track. With acoustic guitar, piano and plucked synths. Should be useful for travel and vacation content. Business projects, or as background music for your latest YouTube Vlog.

Freedom Of The Horizon (Inspiring EDM)

Uplifting, light and hopeful track. A sense of worry-free lifestyle with inspiring freedom and travel. Tasteful plucked synths, piano and a simple tight beat packages everything together.

Winter Mountain Dance (Uplifting EDM)

Technical and lightly gritty dance track with uplifting easy simple and happy melodies. Could be useful for winter themed content, adventure or extreme sports.

Spacy Electronic Vibes (Epic / Cool Techno)

Outer space melodies are garnished atop straight basslines and focused, hard grooves in this trance firecracker. Great for action, sci-fi cyberpunk content, technology and clubs!

Optimistic Future Society (Cool EDM Technology)

Energetic and dreamy electronic track. With tight synths and beat making it danceable. Good fit for futuristic, modern or high-tech content. Or a spaceship taking off from earth and flying into the vast emptiness of space.

Lets Go Home (Serious / Melodic EDM)

Serious sounding electronic melody. Can convey a sense of high profile accomplishments. The mood of this dance background track is atmospheric and dreamy. Tight bassline, beat, synths with soft piano in the background.

Upbeat Summer Dance Party (Exciting / Happy EDM)

Highly melodic happy dance track. The mood is inspiring and encouraging with a cool and modern dance / trance twist. Suitable for YouTube background music for your latest vlog. Advertisement, presentation or any other type of energetic moving media that needs some fast music.