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High-quality royalty free music for your YouTube videos, socials, games and other projects. Use the music for free in exchange of credit. Or buy an license to use music without having to credit. A license will also give you a high quality WAV file.

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Origins of Dystopia (Retro, Electronic)

Retro futuristic track with dirty and distorted arpeggiated synthesizer lines. Heavy bass with a simple driving beat. This track could be suitable for dystopia or content that needs a serious emotion. Science fiction, ancient robots or technology related content should also be a good fit for this piece. Track is mainly monotone but with some melodic pieces sprinkled in.

Abandoned Shipyard - (Calm Mysterious Synth)

Dark looping synth and bass, very simple and laid-back. Perfect for crime, horror, war or alien invasion. Investigation, science or dramatic content is also a good fit.

Midnight Trance (Old School Trance)

Midnight trance is a pumping and driving old scool trance track with build-ups and breakdowns. Crisp and bright arpeggiated synthesizer leads with a simple but effective EDM drum beat. Reverbed dreamy piano in the breakdowns. Track arranged in such a way making it easy for cutting and video-editing.

Sensory Enrichment (Psytrance / Pumping Bass)

A psychedelic trance background music piece with evolving typical acid psytrance sounds combined with really cool aggressive, growling effects. Driving and a hard kick with rolling basslines and distorted effects makes it a sure hit in the club.

Dark Night Club (Aggressive / Gritty Dance)

Aggressive industrial cyberpunk-ish vibes. Suitable for technology oriented content, tech noir, sci-fi or robotics.

Happy & Explosive Electronic Dance

An electronic track conveying a serious and positive mood. With stylish crispy synths. Perfect for advertising, travel, cars, action and much more!

Aggressive Waveform Technology - (Exciting Dance Club)

Aggressive Waveform Technology is perfect for high energy and aggressive mood content. Sprinkle a little seriousness and you have this piece. Should fit nicely with sport or car footage. Clubbing, Cyberpunk or other energetic motion events.

Supercharged Technology - (EDM Club Banger)

Supercharged Technology is perfect for content with a high energy mood. Great for advertisement or high speed motion.

Cinematic Electronic Ambient - (Chill / Relaxed Electronic)

Light cinematic electronic ambient music piece. With creamy and dreamy synths. Perfect for any media project that needs some soft and nice electronic ambient background music for videos, vlogs and inspirational content.