Royalty Free Music for Creators

High-quality royalty free music for your YouTube videos, socials, games and other projects. Use the free to use music in exchange of credit. Or buy an license to use music without having to credit. A license will also give you a high quality WAV file.

Music Categories How This Works

Fresh Energy (Retro Action Electro)

Fresh Energy is upbeat and a tight electronic track. Catchy simple melodies with cool vibing bass line. Works well as a background track for fashion, tech youtubers, music for content creators and similar. Should find its place nicely in a corporate or business setting as well.

Happy Adventure (Uplifting Melodic EDM)

Happy Adventure is positive and a upbeat electronic track. Easy simple plucked synth melodies giving a motivational mood.

New Paths (Bright Synth, Oldschool EDM)

New paths is an electronic track with bright arpeggiated synthesizer leads and a simple but effective EDM drum beat.

DeStrukt (Bright Synth, Oldschool EDM)

Aggressive bright and fast synthesizer vibes. Suitable for action content or exciting adventures!

Life is Stressful (Loud Obnoxious Dance Synth)

Annoying and loud obnoxious electronic track with a hint of future bass. Useful for action or high energy modern dance party content. Screaming synths and bass heavy.

Going Away (Laidback, Corporate Electronic)

Going Away is a lounge ish and stylish EDM / Electronic track. Warm and cozy synthesizer sounds coupled with a nice beat. Works well as corporate music, fashion or as a background track.

Going to Make It (Happy & Epic EDM Background)

Going to make it is the perfect uplifting edm music track for celebration of success in sport. Success in a corporate project or use it for inspirational action, advertisement or high-tech related content.

Factory Operations (Techno and Synthwave)

Serious and mildly dark track with bright distorted synths and simpe drums. Industrial electronic elements blend with techno/synthwave inspiried vibes. Perfect for factory, technology or dramatic content in TV shows.

Evolving Tension - (Pulsating Mysterious, Suspense)

Pulsating dark and scary drone that evolves to be more and more aggressive and bright to the end of the track. Perfect for crime, horror, war or alien invasion. Investigation, science or dramatic content is also a good fit.