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Older & Simpler Tracks

By: Bjørnar Kibsgaard

Here are tracks produced in my early years of music production. This is just a way for me to sort the music on this site so the pages doesnt get huge with long track lists to scroll through. Since these tracks are older tracks they may lack a certain technical mix or sound quality, but they have use cases in their simple way. Some of the files here are only available as MP3.

Nothing Changes

Dreamy arpeggiated piano melody with a simple beat and bassline.


Dreamy piano based trance track. Arpeggiated synth melodies and strings.

Strings Are Futile

Energetic and fast paced trance track with bright and crisp synths, strings and pads.

Not Really

Electronic track with a high concentration of strings and pad sounds.

Into The Sun

Simple and happy electronic melody.

The Summer Is Coming

Simple and happy electronic melody. With laid-back unobtrusive beat.

Beat Time

A big beat goes through this track, and ends with a happy sounding melody.


Happy melody with synths and piano, and a simple beat.

Yellow Frog

Quirky and strange electrical synth sounds. High intensive and fast paced track with happy melodies.


Piano, strings and arpeggiated trance sounds later in the track.

The End

Happy electronic trance track.

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