Can I use your music:

for YouTube videos? Yes, and you can monetize your video. You must credit me.
for streaming sites? Yes. You must credit me.
on live productions? Yes. You must credit me.
in my store? Yes. You must credit me or buy a license.
as on hold music? Yes. You must credit me or buy a license.
Something else, not listed here. Probably. You must credit me or buy a license.

How do I credit you?

Just copy paste the text in the box below. ReplaceĀ Track name with the actual track name(s). Make sure the link to is clickable! So when people click on it it goes back to this site.
Track name
Bjornar Kibsgaard
Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0 International

Do people have to see the credit?

They do. Credits should be placed in a way so that people can easily find it. It doesnt have to be right in your face. The description text under a Youtube video is fine. The credit should not be obscured, but a click to get to it should be fine.

Here are some examples:

Videos In the video description or in the video itself.
Streaming (twitch, etc) Add a music section on your profile where you place the credit. Or in an overlay or announce it live on stream.
Videogames Usually under a "Credits" section in the main menu of the game. And on game website / social media.
Films In the credits section of the film.
Live Production In the program, or a voice announcment.
Podcast Usually voice announcement, at the end of the production.
TV/Radio Ads Buying a Standard License is more common for this use. However credits may be shown visually in the production, or done as a voice-over in audio-only media.
Background Music Buying a Retail Location License is more common for this use. However credits may be shown in a public area of the retail location.

I can not credit you!

This is where you get the Standard License. This usually applies for formats where credits are impractical or impossible. Usually during a television broadcast or radio commericals.

Youtube copyright claims

When you upload something to youtube it automatically scans the audio to see if it matches any known song. If this happens with any of the songs found here upload the video anyway. Do not remove the video! Contest the claim and check the box "I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material". In the comments put a link to this site, where you downloaded the track. If you bought a license please include the license PDF as an attachment.
This happens when someone tries to steal my work which do happen. Do not worry if you get a message like this when you upload, this is not a copyright strike on your channel.

Important Information

Make sure to read and understand information here before downloading.

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