License Information

This page explains the type of licenses available for the music on this site:

Free Creative Commons License WITH CREDIT!

The lower bitrate audio files are free to use as long you provide credit with a link to If you are unable to credit or want high quality WAV and MP3 files you must buy Standard License. The free files are in 128kbps AAC lower quality file format. Right click the audio player to download the audio file.

Credit link (copy paste): - Royalty Free Music from BjoKib

You can adjust the link and wording of the credits so it suits your content best, as long as people understand the music came from For YouTube or other video sites I prefer that you leave the link in the video description, and not necessarily in the actual video. The link should be “clickable” back to this website.

Credit Template Example Below:

Just copy paste the text in the box below. Replace Track name with the actual track name(s). Make sure the link to is clickable! So when people click on it it goes back to this site.

Track name
Bjornar Kibsgaard
Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0 International

Check out the Music FAQ for placement examples of link credits!

Standard License – Indefinitely – 43€ Per Track

Standard license gives you lifetime worldwide rights to use the music for for websites, videos, films, documentaries, animations, presentations, slide-shows, music on hold and background music in bars, hotels, restaurants, shops, gyms, exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences. Online videos / streaming (YouTube, twitch, mixer, etc…).

The license is non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-refundable.

  • 1 Track = 43€

Extended License – Indefinitely – 79€ Per Track

Extended license gives you the rights as the standard license, with some added benefits. Internet Advertising and Local TV/Radio advertising, in public, for software, video Games, applications, Cd, DVD or other physical support. Films destined for public screening or broadcast during public entertainment events for which an entrance fee is paid such as shows, concerts, plays, etc.

  • 1 Track = 79€

Worldwide TV/Radio Ads – 1 Year

TV/Radio Ad License is for National/International TV/Radio Advertising for 1 Year.

Payment Procedure

Use the payment button on the track page, clicking the button will open up a window to sellfy that delivers my files to you and keep tracks of your account. This is also where you can download the invoice for your purchase.

  • Taxes may be added for European Customers.

Stock Music Libraries

Some of the music here are available on stock music libraries, if you need to buy the music there. See the links below for links to my portfolio. I try to keep the prices as similar as possible between all stock library sites. However some price differences could happen due to events outside of my control.

Rules and restrictions

– A license is valid to one person or company only. If you are selling projects such as corporate videos, websites or messages on hold to several clients you must buy a license for each or contact me to negotiate a custom license.
– For resale, the music must be synchronized with another media. It is therefore forbidden to resell and/or appropriate music tracks in isolation even if one or multiple sounds or vocals are added.

  • You can’t claim the music as your own.
  • You can’t register the music in any store / platform.
  • You can’t add vocals / remix or produce your own song with tracks on this site.
  • No Music or Music Video Production Software
  • No Audio Podcasts


Even if you use the creative commons license a donation is highly appreciated and encouraged. 1-5 EUR is typically fine for this, but you can adjust the amount yourself with the PayPal donate button below. You don’t have to sign up for an PayPal account, only a card is needed. You can also donate with cryptocurrency. Or just buy a license.

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