Creative Commons License

The music is free to use long as you provide credit with a link to this website. If you are unable to credit you must buy Standard License. It is also highly appreciated if you donate $5 even if you decide to use the creative commons license and provide credits.

HTML link code:
<a href="">Royalty Free Music from BjoKib</a>

You can adjust the link and wording so it suits your content best, as long as people understand the music came from For YouTube or other video sites I prefer that you leave the link in the video description, and not necessarily in the actual video. The link should be "clickable" back to this website.


Just copy paste the text in the box below. Replace Track name with the actual track name(s). Make sure the link to is clickable! So when people click on it it goes back to this site.

Standard License

Standard license is for projects where attribution is impossible or not wanted. For example radio / TV ads, corporate presentations, commercial shorts, hold music and similar.

  • 1 Track = $30
  • 2 Tracks = $50
  • 3 Tracks or more = $20 each

Retail Location License

Retail locations are typically physical places like stores, restaurants, spa and similar.

  • All tracks, 10 years = $100

Payment Procedure

Pay with paypal to (you dont need to sign up for paypal account, just a card is needed). When you have done so send me an e-mail and include your information. Such as: Production company (Licensee) and proof of payment (paypal screenshot or e-mail is fine). I will then e-mail a signed License PDF for you.


Even if you use the creative commons license a donation is highly appreciated and encouraged. $5 is typically fine for this, but you can adjust the amount yourself with the PayPal donate button below. You don't have to sign up for an PayPal account, only a card is needed.

What you can’t do with the music, even if you pay / donate: