1. Find the track you want to use.

Music Categories

2. Decide if you want to use the free variant, or pay for license.

Use for free, do this:

  • Credit BjoKib for using the music. Copy paste the text below

  • https://bjokib.com - Royalty Free Music from BjoKib

Buy a license to get WAV file, do this:

  • Click the Buy License (WAV No Credits) on the actual song page. This will open the portfolio on Pond5 where you will be able to buy the license you need for the track you want.

Rules and restrictions for FREE usage:

  • You can’t claim the music as your own.
  • You can’t register/upload the music in any store / platform / asset database for other products or apps.
  • You can’t add vocals / remix or produce your own song with tracks on this site.
  • No Music or Music Video Production Software
  • No Audio Podcasts