The best laptop for music production doesnt exist. To suggest a single laptop for this purpose is almost impossible. It all depends on what you want to do. Another reason is the sheer size of the laptop market today. With all different brands and then all models under each brand again makes it very difficult to pick one that is the best one…

What you should focus on when getting a new laptop for music production is depending on budget. I would say that if money is an issue, try to get the best performing laptop for your money and focus on getting a good CPU. You wont go wrong with core i5 or i7 from Intel, try to stay away from celeron or atom. Then get as much RAM as you can. After that: focus on things like display, build quality, hard drive space etc. Stay away from AMD, at least on the CPU side. On the graphics side AMD is ok. So if the laptop you are looking at have a CPU from intel and graphics from AMD, thats ok.

If money is no issue just get a Mac. No seriosly get one of the Retina MacBook Pros and you are all set. They are in my opinion the best laptops in term of build quality, display, trackpad and everything really. This comes from a guy that uses a PC with Windows to produce music. You can install Windows on a Mac as well and it works great.

Right tool for job, right? If I was forced to use a laptop for music production it would be something from the fruit company without doubt.

Used Laptop for Music Production

If money is an issue consider going the used route. I can guarantee you that you will find a lot of great deals if you look around for a while.

Its not easy to recommend one specific computer because they release new models each month. Even brand recommendations is difficult because Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer, Dell all have their different problems. So if someone is telling you to buy a “Lenovo” or Mac, because thats best. Well thats wrong, I work in the computer repair business and all brands have their problems in some form.

To sum it up

  • Mac, if budget allows.
  • PC? i5 or i7 CPU, AMD Ryzen
  • No Atom or Celeron
  • Consider used

In the end it depends on what you are going to produce and how much those tools demand of your computer. I know its hard to make a decision sometimes but just get something that has a lot of good reviews could be a safe bet as well: Amazon: Best Sellers in Laptop Computers

Anyway, I hope this didnt make you more confused. If so, let me know. If you know about good laptops for music production, especially PCs by all means leave a comment below!