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Celebrate Your Victory With Epic Music “Highly Illogical” – Download Here

By: Bjørnar Kibsgaard

Epic music track great for celebrations. Works well with action content, gym or workout videos. Starts off with a serious and playful melody. Then blastoff into a quirky break with some light psytrance inspired sounds.

The end has a highly energetic and memorable melodic part. Throughout the entire track you have searing leads and pumping bass guaranteed making people dance.

Length: 4:46 / 134 BPM

30 Second preview:

What is Epic Music?

It is hard to define this type of music, and each music genre have an idea of what it is. A lot is tied into feelings and mood, it makes you feel something. As for the electronic music genre I think this track (Highly Illogical) fits the description nicely.

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