High Resolution Stock Images

Photography is one of my hobbies and results in high resolution stock images as well. This is where I show you some of my best photos. At the moment I use the Nikon D810 with some prime lenses 50mm & 85mm. I have also used the Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 for a while and although I liked it very much I like my primes better. I like to think that I am versatile in my photography, but living in Norway is great if you like landscape photography and the type of breathtaking nature we have around here.

Below you can view some of my most popular images on Shutterstock. Click the image to get to the gallery. However if you want to support me directly I you can visit my other site here: high resolution stock images.

I also recently started a new site where I upload 4K Stock Footage you can use for free.


High resolution stock images on other stock photo sites.

I have my images on other sites as well, not all of them accept all images I submit. My biggest portfolio is on Dreamstime at the moment.

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