Full Length Electronic Background Music

This page features full length musical productions. This means tracks with long intros, breakdowns and endings. Similar to music you would listen to on Spotify or some other streaming service. Not something you necessarily would use in a video project or film. They are however listed here and availble, for your convenience.

Read the License Agreement BEFORE you use anything from here. Music FAQ is also a good read.

Thinking of the perfect summer you had? This fun and motivational track gives you the sense of a positive smiling life and accomplishments. Track features instruments such as piano, guitars, strings. Laidback simplistic beat and bassline.

Electronic track with a lot of energy! Highly melodic with a happy mood!

Electronic track with a lot of energy! Driving intro, dream like breakdown and energetic climax.

Charge is an intense music track and pumping EDM song. It has everything from uplifting melodies, build-ups and searing leads. Guaranteed to make listeners dance. Perfect for adding that modern, young lifestyle touch to your cool project!

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