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Absolutely free stock music for your projects, youtube videos, blogs or other media content. Even for commercial projects with no Content-ID. All tracks on this subpage are available for free and will not have any copyright issues. The only thing I want you to do is to attribute the use of the music with a credit link.

If these tracks is not something you are looking for, browse the other stock music on this site using the blue buttons below. Thank you for your visit here, and enjoy!

Read the License Agreement BEFORE you use anything from here. Music FAQ is also a good read.


Dreamy piano based trance track. Arpeggiated synth melodies and strings.

Use this credit link: Straightforward by BjoKib |

Strings Are Futile

Energetic and fast paced trance track with bright and crisp synths, strings and pads.

Use this credit link: Strings Are Futile by BjoKib |

Not Really

Electronic track with a high concentration of strings and pad sounds.

Use this credit link: Not Really by BjoKib |

Into The Sun

Simple and happy electronic melody.

Use this credit link: Into The Sun by BjoKib |

The Summer Is Coming

Simple and happy electronic melody. With laid-back unobtrusive beat.

Use this credit link: The Summer Is Coming by BjoKib |

Beat Time

A big beat goes through this track, and ends with a happy sounding melody.

Use this credit link: Beat Time by BjoKib |


Happy melody with synths and piano, and a simple beat.

Use this credit link: Hege by BjoKib |

Yellow Frog

Quirky and strange electrical synth sounds. High intensive and fast paced track with happy melodies.

Use this credit link: Yellow Frog by BjoKib |


Piano, strings and arpeggiated trance sounds later in the track.

Use this credit link: Reaching by BjoKib |

The End

Happy electronic trance track.

Use this credit link: The End by BjoKib |


Cool electronic free stock music track with heavy crunchy bassline and beat. Can be used for action or past paced moving content such as a car chase or something similar.

Use this credit link: Defessus by BjoKib |

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