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For fast background music with high energy you should check out these electronic / edm tracks. These are high in energy, loud and perfect for fast paced modern content. Very useful for that modern lifestyle, clubbing and DJ. Any type of content that needs a powerful and action packed music should find something that works in this category. Fast paced action, work outs or extreme sports. High speed drone footage music? You got it covered here.

If you are looking for extreme bass boosted songs with a lot of heavy low end try: Dominate, Someone There, Preset & Little Birdies

Read the License Agreement BEFORE you use anything from here. Music FAQ is also a good read.

Happy Explosive Electronic Dance contains four versions where the two last waveforms are perfectly loop-able. Buy the track for perfect loop-able files and high quality (WAV) master files.

Aggressive Waveform Technology is perfect for high energy and aggressive mood content. Sprinkle a little seriousness and you have this piece. Should fit nicely with sport or car footage. Clubbing, Cyberpunk or other energetic motion events. Buy the track for perfect loopable files and high quality (WAV) master files.

Supercharged Technology is perfect for content with a high energy mood. Great for advertisement or high speed motion. Buy the track for perfect loopable files and high quality (WAV) master files.

Technical and lightly gritty dance track with uplifting easy simple and happy melodies. Could be useful for winter themed content, adventure or extreme sports.

Beautiful royalty free electronic piece with high-energy melodies. Track has strings and a nice piano melody combined with extra terrestrial-sounding atmospheric synths.

Here is a mix between psychedelic trance and melodic electronic music. Perfectly suitable for sports, or workout music. Due to its intense and strong soundstage it could also be useful for music while you are working out.

High energy, bright blazing fast background music track. Features action packed psychedelic beats, melodies and effects. Perfect for futuristic movie trailers, game, openings, high paced action scenes and modern lifestyle.

Energetic and bass heavy track perfect as exercise music. Distorted synths, dark moody drones and four-to-the-floor beat it will surely get your blood pumping. Perfect music for modern lifestyle, partying, exercise & fitness, advertisement, presentation, YouTube content, media, TV, slideshows or any other projects.

Epic music track great for celebrations. Works well with action content, gym or workout videos. Starts off with a serious and playful melody. Then blastoff into a quirky break with some light psytrance inspired sounds.

Motivational music track with arpeggiated synth melodies backed up with some nice piano and strings. Simple and tight beat with a pleasant bassline. Suitable for cinematic media, modern lifestyle, games or inspirational content.

Gateway is the perfect track for fast paced action. Or as background music when streaming your favorite game.

Event horizon is a mystical and exciting electronic piece. With a crunchy driving beat and bass.

High energy synth-heavy track. Perfect music for corporate presentations, modern lifestyle, car promo music, commercials, demonstrations and other media projects.

Good old trance related song that has a nice flows. Perfect music for corporate presentations, slideshows, car promo music, commercials, demonstrations and other media projects.

High energy, electronic dance track. Featuring dreamy pianos, and otherwordly synth arpeggios. Strange quirky underlying effects makes this track perfect for modern lifestyle, technology, communication. Or SciFi.

Static is the perfect track for futuristic technology. Its modern and inspiring Moog synth lines and arpeggiated melodies will fit your hi-tech presentation, sport or sci-fi project perfectly.

A mix between Techno and Trance makes some cool background music. Dirty synth lines evolving and changing over time. Backed up with a fat driving bassline and nice low end. Track conveys a serious mood and a sense of accomplishment.

Moonshine is a powerful uplifting trance piece with a lot of beautiful layered synths, different melodies playing together with a powerful beat and bassline. Suitable for inspiring content, serious themes, celebrations, extreme sports etc.

Singularity is a high energy highly danceable electronic piece. Uplifting melodies helps create a good mood around this song. Powerful and arpeggiated synths stands for a lot of the energy in this track. Highly suitable for modern lifestyle, dancing, sports, clubbing and similar.

This intense EDM firecracker will surely make you dance. Its suitable for high-paced action, work outs, modern lifestyle, partying and clubbing. Or any other media containing fast scenes. Long breaks with dreamy atmospheric build-ups and loud hard hitting main parts are a big part of this track.

Serious tech sounding dance track with distorted synth leads and banging beat. The mood of this track conveys a sense of accomplishment and success.

Dominate is a bass heavy and powerful electronic track. A huge focus on bass and a simple but effective melody. For content where you want to convey an authoritative, persuasive, significant or strong emotion this track may be well suited.

Profectio is a full on trance track that never wants to stop. Lush arpeggiated synths with lots of energy and dreamy simple piano melodes is the main theme of this piece. The mood here is powerful, intense, serious and great for action scenes, movies and games.

Happy crispy and airy trance melodies with a driving bassline and beat. Danceable EDM track well suited for aggressive and fast paced media. Work outs, fitness, clubbing and yong modern lifestyle is perfect themes for this track.

Youthful, energetic trance with a rich synthesizer sound, a rousing bassline, cool effects and a powerful beat. Ideal for fitness, workout and dance. Conveying a happy and serious emotion, get off your ass and do something.

Impelling trance with atmospheric pads and dreamy melodies accompanied by a hard and fast beat. Infectious, modern and energetic. More quiet breaks provide variety.

Once upon a trance is a very strange and quirky trance track. Heavily influenced by psychedelic trance but not quite there. Heavy use of effects, strange sounding synths and samples are a huge part of this track. Expect sudden transitions and an abnormal arrangement.

The melody on this track is serious sounding. The mood of this electronic dance track is atmospheric and dreamy.

Tech dance track with driving bassline and gritty serious sounding plucked melodies.

Track starts off with calm arpeggiated synth melodies. Eventually gets backed up with choir and piano sounds.

This encouraging song is good for action and suspense. Clubbing and young lifestyle. Modern and cool Trance track with bright airy pads and high energy synth leads. Driving bassline and percussion. Danceable track.

Energetic and dreamy electronic track. With tight synths and a pumping beat making it danceable. It may fit to something that is taking off. Think of a spaceship taking off from earth and flying into space.

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