Fast Background Music Tracks – Page 2

This is Page 2 where you can find fast background music tracks. Suitable for your media productions.

Read the License Agreement BEFORE you use anything from here. Music FAQ is also a good read.

Energetic and dreamy electronic track. With tight synths and a pumping beat making it danceable. It may fit to something that is taking off. Think of a spaceship taking off from earth and flying into space.

Outer space melodies are garnished atop straight basslines and focused, hard grooves in this trance firecracker. Great for action, sci-fi, technology and clubs!

Atmospheric trance with floating pads and dreamy synth melodies. A hard bassline and an impelling 4 on the floor beat give a lot of power to the track. Sounds cold and slightly dark.

Layered, expressive melodies are carried by epic beats. This progressive trance delivers both dramatically profound moments and driven grooves. A real club hit! Starts off calm and gets more intensive from middle and to the end.

Epix is a highly melodic electronic track with lots of build-ups and transitions. With its crispy synth lines and driving beat makes this piece suitable for fitness, workout and modern lifestyle.

Quirky strange trance / psy beats.

Dark-exciting hard trance featuring a hard, hypnotic-pulsating, groovy bassline, playful synth arpeggios, mysterious SXF as well as a powerful beat. Great for technology and science fiction!

Powerful and energetic trance with a fat synthesizer sound, a subtle bass, modern effects and a dynamic beat. Well-suited for sports, gymnastics, fitness, workout and dance.

Uplifting and playful electronic track with quirky digital synth sounds and melodies. Backed with a crisp and pumping EDM beat.

Interrupt is a lively electronic trance track with happy sounding melodies and cool arpeggiated breaks.

Shiny is a happy electronic dance track with a simple melody and tight beat. Suitable for background music to video, workouts or other types of media.

Very electric sounding and mystic at the same time. Arpeggiated synths with somewhat resemblance to the 8-bit era.

Quirky and strange sounding electronic track. A lot of panning going on so the stereo image is extreme.

Celtic Dance is a track with celtic / irish inspired melodies arranged in an electronic track.

Cheerful and highly melodic trance with a happy synth and piano theme. Driving bassline. Suitable for family and lifestyle, playful pets, etc.

Happy and intensive electronic track with bright and sharp synths.

Jumpy, happy electronic track.

Continuous laidback electronic melodies with some small variations and a simple drumbeat.

Full on trance track. Complex and serious melodies with a positive feel. Tight and high energy in-your face beat. Works well on a dance floor.

Soaring High is a energetic and fast paced electronic track. Featuring airy synth melodies accompanied with a driving bassline and beat. For an electronic / EDM track it is a bit laidback.

Seventh of live is a serious sounding electronic track with a lot of crispy synthesizer melodies backed up with a simple but tight kick and bass track.

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