Creepy Background Music – Free Download (WAV / MP3)

If you need creepy background music for your project maybe you would like to take a look at the tracks I have available here. They are all free to download and use in your project as long as you follow the rules.

The rule is that you have to link back to this site somehow if you want to use these files. If you have your own website link from that. If not, use your twitter, Facebook, YouTube account or any other social media thing that is currently popular! 🙂

HTML link code:

<a href="">Royalty Free Music from BjoKib</a>

You can adjust the link and wording how you like, as long as you have Background Music as a word somewhere in the link.

The full legal agreement for these tracks can be read here: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Creepy Background Music

I currently have one horror themed track available but I will post more tracks here when they are made.

spaceship-cargo-holdCreepy sounds you will hear if you are trapped inside an alien spaceship cargo hold. Suitable background audio for a sci-fi or horror related media.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 3 MB): Spaceship Cargo Hold
Download WAV: (12 MB): Spaceship Cargo Hold

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