Chill Background Music Tracks

This page contains some of my chiller type of tracks. Many contain dreamy trancy vibes and beautiful and uplifting compositions. Emotional productions suitable for inspirational and motivational content.

Soft relaxing music like this can be used in a range of different projects. Such as companies looking for some fresh and new music to show their employees the new direction. Use it in a presentation to add some positive feelings.

Read the License Agreement BEFORE you use anything from here. Music FAQ is also a good read.

Cinematic Electronic Ambient

Hi Quality WAV (Pro License)

Light cinematic electronic ambient music piece. With creamy and dreamy synths.

Element 115

Hi Quality WAV (Pro License)

An uplifting and positive song that flows nicely. Perfect music for corporate presentations, slideshows, product promo, commercials, demonstrations and other media projects.


Hi Quality WAV (Pro License)

This cinematic song starts off with an upbeat and motivational, happy melody. After a few minutes it transitions into a more serious tone. The ending is taken care of with calm piano music and strings. Apart from toned down percussive loops there are no drums in this track, only melody driven.

Tidal Phase

Hi Quality WAV (Pro License)

Tidal Phase is a calm and simple electronic track. Conveying emotions about a simpler life in the mountains or the beach. Away from the modern life, stress and worry. Fits nicely to timelapses and similar media.

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