Check out “Cube Runner” featuring music from BjoKib

Andy Qua is a developer creating games and applications for mobile devices. He has recently published the latest update to his long lasting game (its over 10 years old!) “Cube Runner”.

He decided to use music I have produced in his game and I am of course humbeled by that decision.

In cube runner you control a little space ship that has to fly across a landscape with diffrent colored cubes. The goal is to try to avoid the cubes as you go.

cube runner intro screen

The controls are extremely simple to grasp and very responsive. Meaning its easy to pick up the game and run a few sessions, but harder to master as you see in the screenshot below.

cube runner game over

  • The game engine got an overhaul that should make it run great on older iOS devices.
  • Simplified menus.
  • New themes, blocks and landscapes.
  • You can now fly through blocks or canyons forever with no pressure to beat your last distance with Zen mode.

The game is very addictive and fun, you should definitely check it out at the link below!

Click / tap this link to check out the game yourself.

Questions? By all means... ask!

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