Reason 9.5 Will Support VST

When I started experimenting with music production I used trackers. Namely Impulse Tracker. When I had used that for a while I moved over to Reason instead. I used Reason for several years before moving over to Ableton Live / Logic mostly because I wanted to use other soft synths and VSTs that I couldn’t use in Reason because lack of support.

Propellerheads later made their own plugin format called Rack Extensions, although I liked the concept and a lot of good content was available there, adding VST support was the last step.

Now, with Reason 9.5 Propellerheads will finally add VST support.

If you already own Reason 9 you can join the beta testing.

Music updates, 4K footage site, and now in Spotify!

I just added a new track to the free downloads section on this site. Its called Modern Corporate and you can get it here:

Modern Corporate – Royalty Free Music (Free Download)

In other news I just launched my new site where you can download 4K stock footage absolutely free (with credit). Check it out here if you want: Free 4K Stock Footage

I hope you enjoy and are able to use some of the content I have put online.

I also just recently got my new album online on Spotify. Check it out!

Four new royalty-free electronic tracks available for license

I just got four new tracks uploaded to soundtaxi. Check them out if you want. See below for previews.

Check out G4M3R or Fresher, they came out pretty good in my opinion. G4M3R is somewhat inspired by deadmau5 4ware track with long arpeggiated melodies.

For more royalty free electronic music see: Get Original Background Music – Electronica Style

If your budget is limited also check out the free section: Electronic Background Music Free Download (MP3/WAV). Where the “payment” is linking back to this site if you use any of the music there.

I have another free track coming up on the free section in a few days, so keep checking back. Take care! 🙂

Dynamic and catchy trance with a prominent synthesizer sound, a rousing bassline, cool effects and a modern beat. Great for commercials, new product promos, fitness and workout videos, TV and film.
Buy a license here, from $42.


Youthful, energetic trance with a rich synthesizer sound, a rousing bassline, cool effects and a powerful beat. Ideal for fitness, workout and dance.
Buy a license here, from $42.


Powerful and energetic trance with a fat synthesizer sound, a subtle bass, modern effects and a dynamic beat. Well-suited for sports, gymnastics, fitness, workout and dance.
Buy a license here, from $42.


Moving and energetic trance with a rich synthesizer sound, an intoxicating bassline, cool effects and a powerful beat. Ideal for sport, youth, lifestyle and scenes with action and movement.
Buy a license here, from $42.

Added four more electronic tracks for licensing

I have debated hosting and selling the music myself right on this site without using any third party. After some thought I have decided to still go with Soundtaxi. The guys running the show over there are great and they are able to get some customers for the music I produce. Even though they take a cut from the sales they are not the worst ones out there.

With that said I added four new tracks today. They are called: Forced, Anunnaki, No More and Positive Aggression. Make sure to check them out if you want here: Background Music for Video, Entire Tracks

If this site gets more visitors in the future I may consider licensing the tracks directly here. However that hosts the tracks now are certainly trustworthy and safe to use.

If your budget is non existent you could always take look at Electronic Background Music Free Download (MP3/WAV). I only require a link back to my site as “payment” if you use anything there.

Take care! 🙂

Xfer Serum available as Rent-to-Own

Unable to afford the full price of Xfer Serum up front? No need to search for a serum torrent, now you can Rent-to-Own it with Splice.

Serum is a great soft synth and I use it myself in almost all productions. I paid up front but if you can’t afford it you now have the option of pay for it using a rent-to-own pricing model with splice.

With around $10 a month almost everyone can afford buying this great pice of software.

serum presets

While you are at it you can also check out my small selection of serum presets. Nothing professional but they are free.