is going through some change

When someone actually use my music in a video, game or something they have created it increases my motivation a lot. This is one reason I have decided to do some changes to the way I put the music online.

I had an exclusive deal with a third party to license some of my music. I sent, what I considered to be my best tracks to them. I have now decided to host everything myself instead and release the bulk of my music under a Creative Commons license moving forward.

This means you will be able do download my music and use it in your productions for free if you agree to credit me. If credit is not an option for you, buy a license. If you do use the material here for free it is important that you respect the credit part of the CC license. Meaning you place a link to this site. A donation is always welcome so I can buy some more instruments, and occasionally some IPA.

Read the links above for more information about crediting / licensing.

I also believe in simplicity and not to overcomplicate things. That is why the downloads here are painless. If you decide to buy a license I trust that you follow the instructions in the links posted above. This will minimize the administration time of both parties.

With that said I hope you find something you like around here. Take care!

Four new electronic tracks ready

I have been working on a few new tracks during the end of 2017. They are now finished and ready for download. If you just want to listen to them check out the album: Nonlocality on Bandcamp.

These tracks are high in energy and suitable for fast paced action, workouts and things of that nature. You decide of course!

Moving forward I will focus on getting more free stuff online, so be prepared for that. 🙂

Check below for a preview of the new tracks, and links to soundtaxi where you can license them for use in your productions.

Take care!

New Album: BjoKib – Nonlocality

Here is a collection of tracks I have worked on during 2017. Everything is electronic music and most of the tracks are heavily leaning to the Trance subgenre. The album consists of ten tracks and it is available on the usual places like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc.

To listen right now, check out the album BjoKib – Nonlocality on Bandcamp. You can also check out the embedded player down below.

If you want to support my work you are welcome to get the album or just a single track from Bandcamp. You will get it in its full mastered quality (16-Bit/44.1 kHz), but MP3s / streaming is also available of course. Using Bandcamp is the best way of supporting, but Spotify and iTunes are certainly available as well. 🙂

Hopy you like some of these tracks. Take care!

Reason 9.5 Will Support VST

When I started experimenting with music production I used trackers. Namely Impulse Tracker. When I had used that for a while I moved over to Reason instead. I used Reason for several years before moving over to Ableton Live / Logic mostly because I wanted to use other soft synths and VSTs that I couldn’t use in Reason because lack of support.

Propellerheads later made their own plugin format called Rack Extensions, although I liked the concept and a lot of good content was available there, adding VST support was the last step.

Now, with Reason 9.5 Propellerheads will finally add VST support.

If you already own Reason 9 you can join the beta testing.