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I have set up a Patreon page for people that are willing to support my work. Creating music takes a lot of time and energy, but its a labor of love for the most part. Due to real life commitments time for producing music is limited. If you decide to support me with a monthly donation it will directly affect the time I can use to develop the BjoKib project further including release of new tracks on this website. My ultimate goal is to be able to do this full time some day. I am currently unable to work full time on this.

When I reach 50 supporters on Patreon, I will focus my free time on producing a track after my patreons (somewhat, I have the final say) wishes in terms of type of track, mood, etc. It has to be electronic music though.

When the piece is finished, it will be released exclusively to Patreons first with a private download link. I won’t upload it any other place. After a month, it will be released on this site as a free download to everyone else just like the other tracks I have around here.

So if you haven’t already: head over to Patreon, consider supporting and lets get to 50 patrons!

What do I get as a Patreon Supporter?

You get to support this project, and the continous production of electronic music.

You also get perks such as a Google drive link to all music hosted on this website. I will also keep that folder up to date when new music is released. One tier gives access to all MP3 files, and another tier gives access to all MP3 files and WAV files.

I cant support you, somehting else can I do?

I have no problem understanding that parting of money can be difficult. Other ways of supporting me is you telling others about this site. Maybe you know someone running a YouTube channel? Tell them about this site! It will help out.

Link back to this site from your social media, facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

You may think that you sharing my site with someone really doesn’t matter, well I can tell you it really does. This is the way to get higher up in the Google search results nowadays. People need to tell people about my site. 🙂

Anyways, thank you for stopping by and take care!

Questions? By all means... ask!

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