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If you need free royalty free music for your projects, have limited resources, or just want some audio files to try out with while you are working on a new project? This is the page for you! This page features over 25 of my different electronic audio productions. These are individually selected tracks I have produced over the years that I would like to give away for you to use free of charge. Keep checking back and more tracks will posted when I have gone through my catalog of audio files. Most of the files here are 320kbps MP3, and some are also lossless WAV files.

I occasionally update this page with new fresh audio content as well so keep checking back.

License agreement

The agreement is that you have to credit me if you are using any of this work! You should do that with a link to my page from your website, youtube channel, facebook page, twitter, or any other media. Please make the link “clickable” as well, thanks. 🙂

HTML link code:

<a href="http://bjokib.com">Royalty Free Music by BjoKib</a>

You can adjust the link and wording how you like, if you have Royalty Free Music as a word somewhere in the link its fantastic but not enforced. Do it the way it fits your content best. For YouTube or other video sites please leave the link in the video description, and not necessarily in the actual video. Again, in a way that works for you.

License Clarifications!

  • You are not allowed to copy the tracks, give them a new name and call it your own. Even with attribution.
  • You are not allowed to upload, sell single tracks (or parts of it) as your own production on any platform (physical/digital).
  • You are not allowed to mix the tracks, with other music and release a new track out of it.
  • You are allowed to use free tracks as background music for videos.
  • You are allowed to use free tracks in a game or other digital media.
  • You are allowed to use free tracks in advertisement.
  • If attribution is impossible you are free to buy a license. Contact me for terms and pricing.

Electronic Royalty Free Music – Free Downloads WAV or MP3

New tracks  in 2017:

Donations are welcome 🙂

If you use the media you find here, the only thing you have to do is follow the rules above. (Link back to this site).

With that said: I use a lot of time and resources creating these tracks. For me it is just fun, but if you want you are welcome to donate. Any amount is appreciated.

  • Paypal: bjokib@gmail.com
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TranquilityCalm electronic track with a simple melody and laid-back unobtrusive beat. Featuring pads and bright synths.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 7 MB): Relief
Download WAV: (29 MB): Relief


Mooring bollard with blue rope in marina.Tidal Phase is a calm and simple electronic track. Fits nicely to timelapses and similar media.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 6 MB): Tidal Phase
Download WAV: (27 MB): Tidal Phase


Celtic Dance is a track with celtic inspired melodies arranged in an electronic track.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 5 MB): Celtic Dance
Download WAV: (21 MB): Celtic Dance


interruptLively electronic trance track with happy sounding melodies and cool arpeggiated breaks.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 8 MB): Interrupt
Download WAV: (33 MB): Interrupt


flowContinuous laidback electronic melodies with some small variations and a simple drumbeat.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 10 MB): Flow
Download WAV: (42 MB): Flow


GalaxiesDreamy electronic track with trance elements and a simple beat. With simple synths and strings.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 10 MB): Galaxies
Download WAV: (43 MB): Galaxies


DisconnectedHappy and intensive electronic track with bright and sharp synths.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 9 MB): Disconnected
Download WAV: (40 MB): Disconnected


nes-wannabeNot true 8-bit sounds was used, but my inspiration came from the 8-bit era. Sharp and crisp synths with a 8-bit feel.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 5 MB): NES Wannabe
Download WAV: (24 MB): NES Wannabe


Winter Landscape at SunsetA single melody is the main part of this track. Calm with trance elements, and a laidback beat.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 9 MB): Trest
Download WAV: (24 MB): Trest


Mooring bollard with blue rope in marina.Starts off with an simple drum and bass beat building up and ending into a piano melody.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 6 MB): Going Nowhere


Norwegian landscapeLaidback trancy melodies with simple synth sounds, some piano and simple drum track.
Download MP3: (192kbps / 5 MB): Over The Hills


Winter Landscape with Frozen LakeTrance track with crispy, dreamy synths. Also featuring piano melodies.
Download MP3: (192kbps / 7 MB): Simplistic (Old Version)


Winter Landscape with Frozen LakeTrance track with crispy, dreamy synths as the one above. Longer build-ups and higher quality sounds.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 14 MB): Simplistic


Frozen pondDarker trance track with nice and crispy bassline.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 10 MB): Defessus


Conveyor BeltDreamy piano based trance track. Arpeggiated synth melodies and strings.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 7 MB): Straightforward


Spruce BrancEnergetic and fast paced trance track with bright and crisp synths, strings and pads.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 7 MB): Strings Are Futile


Wooden Path ForestPiano driven trance track with a beat change in the middle.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 9 MB): It Begins
Download WAV: (38 MB): It Begins


Raw Marble VainElectronic track with a high concentration of strings and pad sounds.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 10 MB): Not Really


Snowmobile tracks heading into forestSimple and happy electronic melody.
Download MP3: (192kbps / 7 MB): Into The Sun


Wild Redcurrant BerriesSimple and happy electronic melody. With laid-back unobtrusive beat.
Download MP3: (192kbps / 5 MB): The Summer Is Coming


Peeling BarkA big beat goes through this track, and ends with a happy sounding melody.
Download MP3: (192kbps / 7 MB): Beat Time


High voltage power lines.Very “electric” sounding and mystic at the same time. Fast playing synths with somewhat resemblance to the 8-bit era.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 10 MB): Destrukt
Download WAV: (45 MB): Destrukt


Boathouse, dramatic skyQuirky and strange sounding electronic track. Panning synth sounds.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 10 MB): Failed Voyage
Download WAV: (43 MB): Failed Voyage


Holding Hands in a FieldHappy melody with synths and piano, and a simple beat.
Download MP3: (192kbps / 6 MB): Hege


Yellow FlowersQuirky and strange electrical synth sounds. High intensive and fast paced track with happy melodies.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 10 MB): Yellow Frog


Seashell in HandPiano, strings and arpeggiated trance sounds later in the track.
Download MP3: (192kbps / 6 MB): Reaching


Swedish CountrysideHappy electronic trance track.
Download MP3: (320kbps / 10 MB): The End

If you want to listen to something else you can always check out the links below. Use it for YouTube background music or any other project you can think of.

Premium (paid): Royalty Free Electronic Music

Creepy Background Music – Free Download (MP3 / WAV)

Are the above tracks really free? why?

They are not really free. I still hold the license and I still own all the rights to these tracks. However you are allowed to use these tracks in your productions if you link back to my site. The link back to my site can be considered “payment” because Google will notice that you are linking to me and rank this site higher in the search results. Which in turn may bring visitors to my site that wish to check out the premium (paid) tracks. That is fair, dont you think?

Anything else? You have suggestions for tracks? Let me know what you think and leave a comment in the box thing below. 🙂

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