Music Production Articles

I have gathered some experience and knowledge about music producation and technology during the years. Occasionally I write and publish articles about different topics and here is where you can read them.

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    Music Production Equipment
    When people ask me what music production equipment I use they are often surprised. If you think you need the most expensive set of gear to get professional results you are wrong. It is not necessary.
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    Music Studio Software
    Here is a quick overview of music studio software I use or have used. Just my personal opinion about different type of DAWs and VST plugins.
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    Ableton Live Tutorials
    Here are my Ableton Live tutorials where you can watch me go through some of the tracks I have made. I try to explain some of the production decisions and why I have done certain things. The musical style is electronic.
  • Free Music Production Software
    I use paid and free music production software. While the bulk of the applications I use are paid, the ones that are free are really powerful.
  • Serum Presets for Free
    Download my serum presets for free here. Please note that I am no sound designer. I only put hem up here if someone really wants to use them.
  • Music Production Guide, 6 Essential Tips
    Here is my music production guide explaining how I started out with music production, and my personal thoughts on important points to focus on.
  • Laptop for Music Production
    The best laptop for music production doesnt exist. To suggest a single laptop for this purpose is almost impossible. However, here are some pointers.