Background Music

Welcome to, the place for electronic and dance background music for your media project. Today, electronic music is very popular and you will be happy to know that most of the music here are in that genre. This is the perfect music to use if you want to find corporate background music to give your project a modern and fresh feel. Or if you just need something to play along a video, game etc. Feel free to browse around and listen.

If you just want to listen to the music I make and support me that way you are welcome to do that if you want. Check out my page on Bandcamp. Or use the player on this site.

Here are the newest productions, to give you a little taste.

Outer space melodies are garnished atop straight basslines and focused, hard grooves in this trance firecracker. Great for action, sci-fi, technology and clubs!
Buy a license here, from $42.


Layered, expressive melodies are carried by epic beats. This progressive trance delivers both dramatically profound moments and driven grooves. A real club hit! Starts off calm and gets more intensive from middle and to the end.
Buy a license here, from $42.

The tracks above are the newest tracks I have released for royalty free licensing. There are more where those two came from though, if you want to check out the rest take a look here: Background Music for Video. This is where I currently have the rest of the tracks. You can preview those as well. Check out Vanilla or Simple Light if you need something with an more laid back and unobtrusive sound.

None of the productions I have on this site is registered with any PRO organization. Everything is clean and easy for your convenience.

Background Music, A Video Track Tour

I am not that comfortable in front of a camera! I mostly enjoy standing behind it, but here you have a video of me showing how I produced one of the background tracks I have available here. It gets a little technical though. Its also to show you that there are a real person behind all this. 🙂


Difference against other background music sites?

First of all you are dealing directly with me (about me) and not a big business that churn out 1 000 tracks a month. My take on this is quality before quantity. I usually take my time composing and try to not force anything. I belive using this mindset also creates better results.

  • All tracks are complete and entire recordings, if not stated otherwise.
  • Everything is delivered in lossless (WAV / AIF) format.
  • Tasteful mixing / mastering without extreme audio compression and clipping.

If your budget is tight check out the free section where you can download free audio tracks right away. Some of them are also available for free as WAV files.

With that said: enjoy your stay and take care! 🙂