Ableton Live Tutorials (Electronic Music)

Here are my Ableton Live tutorials where you can watch me go through some of the tracks I have made. I try to explain some of the production decisions and why I have done certain things. The musical style is electronic and revolves mainly around the Trance genre. Still, you should be able to apply some of the tips to other tracks and genres as well.

I have used a lot of different DAWs during the years but Live is what makes me most productive. The reason for that is the fluid workflow, interface and frankly the ease of use.

Also read my impressions of music studio software such as Logic, Reason etc. When I started out in music production I used Reason.

Shiny - Free Ableton Live Project


You need Serum and Spire for synths. As for drum samples they are copyrighted so I cant include them in this template. However you will get a pop-up window where you can replace the samples with something else.

I also use effects from Soundtoys and Dada life but they are easily replaced with built-in effects in Ableton Live such as the saturator and ping pong delay.

For mastering I always use plugins from Fabfilter, but you can go with the built-in limiter in Live, just make sure you dont push it too hard!

This track is also available for download if you want to use it as background music. Get it here: Shiny – Royalty Free Music (Free Download)

Ableton Live Trance Project Download (Youtube Series)


You need Serum, Spire and Diva to play this track. Ableton Live 9 Standard is needed as well.

Have fun and hope you at least learned something. :)

Ableton Live Tutorials (YouTube Videos)

Restless is a tribute to the classic trance sound of 2000. Here is my take on it.
Kaos is an experimental track with strange sounds.
North is inspired from the northern part of Norway.
Keep Walking is a simple and easy Trance track.
I recorded myself while producing.

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed watching the videos. If you have requests for other videos or want me to show something else in Ableton Live let me know in the comments below.

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